Megan A. Skyvington and Tara Lee Towers
metal, paper, wax 

A reflection on the changing expectations and roles of twenty-something’s. When every option seems possible and your world feels ready to erupt in a landslide of realized hopes and dreams you suddenly understand that this time is a pinnacle moment in growth and personal development. Is it time to get married, change jobs, return to school, have a baby, adopt another fur baby or go crashing head first into the shocking realization that you are the next cat lady to be featured on Hoarders? This promising time is filled with terror and excitement because everything is about to change and we aren’t quite sure if we are ready to grow up. The form of an egg exists as a sphere of perfection and limitless potential. The wax protects and preserves. The cats are not only a personal shield and comfort but a symbol of fear of getting lost in one’s private world. Who are we becoming and is it time to hide or embrace this next stage of life?